Our Franchise Model

Are you looking for your next opportunity and are UK based ?

Are you a self starter, with a good voice for radio, twinned with ambition and a desire to be your own boss in a very challenging marketplace ? Do you have the goal to succeed and the need to get up every morning and plan your workload to get the best for you and also Voxiferi customers ?

We have a long track record all the way back to October 2001 of working with franchise partners globally when we founded Smoothwall off revenue. A proven history of developing partner ecosystems and training those partners to deliver a polished and professional service delivery system.

Could you be a Voxiferi local UK franchise covering your area ?

We are looking for individuals with a passion for content creation locally on the ground, managing geographic areas and business types throughout the UK. People who can work as part of Voxiferi to spread the story but who are capable of talking to customers and more importantly, listening.

We are offering the certain ability, in an uncertain world, of joining a team to build a broadcast entity that allows you to earn what you NEED to earn depending on the hours you are willing to put in. With the underwritten assurance of a digital payment platform, and your remittance being paid every two weeks on a Friday into your bank account of choice giving you two payment windows every calendar month.

Payment platforms

Each franchisee also is supplied with a secure PCI compliant online payment terminal, a SumUp Air Chip and Pin / Card reader, allowing them to take payment from customers in person. Although we have an online quotation and sales order system which takes the strain for most transactions.

Each franchisee having the ability to have his or her own payment machine means commercial podcasting from events and taking other payments becomes a breeze and saves on paperwork. We are a nil cash handling company both for your safety and also for that of our customers.

Earning capability

The more content you produce with customers, the more you earn, the more you return and the more chance you will end up having additional staffers working with you in short order to increase your own revenue.

All of this underwritten under the Voxiferi brand and being part of a UK network of audiophile journalistic types who are now able to be their own bosses. Maybe for the first time in their working lives. This ideally suits journalists and reporters from newspaper franchises and facing the demise of BBC local radio cuts.

Now it's time to be your own radio van.

What does it cost to become a franchise ?

We understand that cash is tight for everyone right now. We offer two on ramps.


12 annual payments of £375.00 (annual total of £4,500 per franchise area)


1 annual payment upfront of £4000 (realising a saving of £500 a year).

Why is the franchise fee so low ?

We do not look to profit from franchise fees at all. While that may sound bizarre, we have a lot of experience in this field stretching back over two decades. In the past we had 339 franchises globally and we worked out one thing very fast. Your franchise fee should only cover the cost of the operation of that franchise for you as an entity.

We have been told setting the franchise fee so low is commercially stupid. Well one of us made a bedroom business that sold recently for £75.5m in cash on a model that he knows works.

A good franchise partner able to earn is more important to us than a franchise partner who has a gun held to their head to pay exorbitant annual or monthly costs. We peg everything at a cost basis rather than be seen to be putting profit first.

We invest in you, we don't need you to invest in us wherever you are in the United Kingdom, we are committed to you.

What do we provide ?

As part of the franchise we provide you the equipment you need to go to work, your sound recording equipment and the training to get you up to speed. We provide you the resources online to be able to upload your content to our editorial teams. We are behind you 100% of your working day with advice and guidance, templates and the support you need to walk into a customer with confidence.

On top of that you get a payment processing platform (chip and pin / contactless etc), sales order processing system and a lead generation engine. We provide you one to one guidance by phone, Slack and full access to our technical team 9-5.30 five days a week with out of office hours support where necessary.

Additionally we will provide exposure for your franchise to ensure that you have a revenue stream that is highlighted to create you the most opportunity.

What do I get ?

You get a business engine that gives you 70% of all revenue you book without the overhead of technical debt, podcast hosting and event booking. Part of the Voxiferi umbrella of podcast shows and able to scale and grow as you see fit. Want to bring other staff into your franchise ? There is no additional cost and we provide you the same level of support.

If you do hire staff to work with you in your franchise we expect that this does not and cannot dilute the quality of the output we trained you to provide. If you feel competent enough to do so, and many of you will have years of experience working with Roland,Edirol,Tascam,Zoom,Sony and Olympus field recorders and microphones. In that situation we would welcome you transferring those valuable skills as a mentor to a new start. This ensures that 1) people remember to press record when with a customer 2) that the recording is usable and doesn't need to be rescued or re-recorded 3) that the person recording feels confident and this translates to a positive experience to the customer.

If you do hire a new staffer within your franchise and feel unable to train them or mentor them yourself then consider using our proven model that also provides us the ability to immerse that person into the Voxiferi model.

All we ask is that if those staff should attend the one day residential training course we run every two months on how to work with customers in an audio environment, and concepts around programme construction which we roleplay with local actors here in Somerset.

Additionally a secondary reporter kit of headsets, recorder, cables and a handheld stereo condenser microphone ready to record is a really minimal but long lasting investment to get the quality recording customers expect to hear.

That one off cost of residential overnight and one day training is £330.00 per attendee and the recording kit is a further £270.00

If you wish to buy that kit yourself from Amazon or a vendor of your choice, we only recommend the following road setup to achieve the level of audio quality we expect to receive to be able to produce and edit your show output.

We recommend and supply:

Or alternatively please feel free to source yourself from your local supplier or we will be happy to supply at cost price. We do not and will not profit from our franchisees. Whether that is on the franchise cost or training, you are our focus, as it your ability to earn and represent us for a long time to come.

The cardinal rules of partnering with Voxiferi

We have two golden rule at Voxiferi. If you don't agree with them then this is not the opportunity for you.

We are very much investors in our people. Workplace wellness is at the centre of everything we do. We are the presenters and broadcasters of the Amazon / Audible platform "Make That Change" and in 2023 we launched our Workplace Wellness Commitment.

Life moves at a pace that is often uncomfortable and we believe in a better quality of living and work life balance. Too many of us have divorced or lost relationships due to chasing work to pay bills and not been around our families.

Journalism and editorial environments have historically always been horrid places. And we strive to be anything but that.

The first hard and fast rule is: Every franchisee and any staff member that comes on board has the choice of enrolling on our Workplace Wellness scheme which provides important personalised resources, if needed for someone to talk to or to listen, it is our investment in you.

It makes you happier, it makes us more content as founders, and it makes customers realise that we're different.

The second hard and fast rule is: I supply every single new franchise member with the most important piece of kit I can ever give them. As a gift from me. It may sound inane but it is the gift that keeps on giving and it provides a happy boost of seretonin when you most need it on even the coldest day. It's nothing exciting, but it does provide a smile and enforces our people to take a break. It is a 12v car travel kettle you plug into your car, a travel mug and a tea/coffee kit.

We travel as journalists to meet different people in different locations every day. Ninety nine percent of them have no Starbucks or Costa. And what could be more important than spending twenty minutes before interviewing a customer than taking time out with a hot drink overlooking a lake or a rural view, with a notepad and a clear head ?

We invest in you because we want you to still be here in five years time.

Quality of life extends to our responsibility to you.

Why is this currently restricted solely to the UK ?

Currently we are purely concentrating on the UK operations and geographic split of editorial activities by region.

Our US operations team, headed up by Kit Cosper, will be opening in 2024 in North Carolina and later in the summer our Edmonton office will then open in Canada.

We will be looking at working with fantastic editorial types and experienced radio professionals, especially those who are retired with time on their hands who fancy a new challenge. Both the US and Canada represent fantastic opportunities for growth and we will be allocating time and budget to make those two entries to the market a qualified success, and to do so on revenue alone. And the good news is I am sure we will be able to do something about welcome packs Stateside - Kit has been a tea importer for two decades. For now bare with us as we do this diligently and focusing on stability and growth.

How do I learn more ?

Simply use the contact page on the site to get in contact and we will reach out to you at our first opportunity.

In 2024 there has never been such a fantastic opportunity to become involved in a business that has no limits, at all, on what you can earn.

And our success relies on you.

Contact us today for more information. We want to work with you. We want to hear your enthusiastic voices carry us to where we know we want to be.

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