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If you look back through the mists of time, 2006 was the first birthing of what we now know as podcasting. The likes of Marc Maron, Kevin Smith, Ira Glass et al were carving little enclaves of audio goodness for small pools of listeners, predominantly across North America, but growing at speed globally as 2007 came around.

The podcast market is crowded with shows. A lot of them of varying quality and unsure of what they were designed to deliver. A lot of those shows are very very long, a lot of them with very very few listeners. A salient truth that nobody likes to admit in the podcast industry is that if a show has more than 1000 downloads a month, then it is in the top 3% of all podcasts globally. The fact that about 81% of all podcasts launched fail or have failed and are already archived for posterity isn't something that the industry wants to make a noise about.

Many of the famous well known podcasts that are 40-60 minutes long (sometimes longer) have what we know as decay rates of up to 60%. E.g 60% of listeners press stop long before the show finishes.

Podcasting, for no apparent reason, has become the fashionable poster child. The simple way of friends or people who can, sat clustered around a microphone and recording content with no idea who is listening. In the hope someone does.

That, is not what we do.

Voxiferi aims to tell the stories of real people in real world environments, transmitting an audio journey to a captivated listening audience. What we do is engagement in practice, while it may be labelled podcasting, the pride and attention to detail we bring to the fore is not matched by any company of our size in the United Kingdom.

Putting your business or enterprise top dead-centre to an audience that want to listen, that tune in to listen, that we take on that eight or twelve minute journey is an art form. And it's something we are exceptionally proud of making our own.

Voxiferi has grown out of proper studio quality podcasting to a wide audience, understanding and reading our data analytics on a daily basis at an almost anal level to understand what works and what doesn't.

We host our own content and we listen to the numbers, and we take great pride at researching and working hard to create content people share and enjoy listening to. Having Lydia, our AI engine allows us to pivot quickly, plan and execute.

We like being different, and by being different we deliver fantastic output people demand and that is shown by actual data to impact on listeners.

We want you to be part of that journey. We are telling your story.

We don't ever want you to blend in, and we think you want to succeed by standing out and being different.

Nobody who fitted in ever made much of an impact anyway.

Harnessing AI Technology for broadcast quality content

At Voxiferi we have our own AI technology, Lydia, named after the patron saint of listeners, developed using technologies based aroud DeepMind. Using our 12 plus years of metadata on our servers as input.

Everything you know about podcasting, be prepared to leave it at the door in a plastic bag, be open minded, be willing to listen and be part of the revolution.

So far 55m+ people like what we put out on the air. Not all of them can be wrong.

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