It's not just what you say on a podcast...

More than a decade after we started this audio vehicle the ever changing needs of customers, and their ambition to create a soundscape for listeners grows ever more demanding. And that is, in itself, a fantastic challenge for us as producers and broadcasters to throw ourselves at.

In 2020 we made critical decisions to evolve how we created our content with customers to embrace a far more intelligent and listener centric method of creating audio output.

If you listen to some of our examples you will hear the attention to detail that has gone into creating a broadcast experience, not a podcast show. Whilst our content is consumed "like a podcast", the investment in planning and the time and dedication taken in planning each segment, or show is carefully mapped.

If you were an actor or an extra on a film set you would be used to a lighting engineer, or a grip or for example, a camera person. The audio engineer placing microphones to get the best positional recording from the artist or the scene being filmed. And the director and producer working from a storyboard or composite of how they want the camera to pan, or the actor to run across a scene or to open and close a door with the sound engineer capturing that audio.

You will notice when you work with us, that there is an actual storyboard, no different to a film set. That over a decade in audio production affords us a very 20th (not 21st) Century way of working. Our experience started out as trainee journalists in the cigarette smoke and pre-existence of word processors in the newsroom of the late 1980s and early 1990s in Fleet Street in London. We combine skills honed working in the heady and often pressured news rooms of that era, with modern first class audio equipment and Cloud technology to deliver an approach you won't see anywhere else in the United Kingdom.

We excel, because we choose to be efficient and we truly want to ensure your experience with us makes you want us to keep coming back to help you grow.

Combining traditional journalistic skills with proper audio production techniques. Marry that with a need to capture the ambient atmospheric use of surroundings and ambient sound to bring the listener into your restaurant. To virtually walk around your farm shop, listen to the sounds of your factory creating your product, or hear your busy hotel reception or lobby. Recorded and delivered into their headphones or earbuds as part of the experience.

It's old fashioned, but dynamic, it's time consuming, but it adds a dimension, and no other podcaster in the UK delivers that attention to detail.

Sound really helps listeners become followers and customers, and story boarding and planning that audio journey, you will notice fast, is at the centre of everything we do from the recording to the editing, having that agreed storyboard and the plans to work from, ensure that our output aligns and exceeds your expectations.

Why be different ?

In the best traditions of foley artists from radio stations all over the world, from NPR to the BBC we are journalists and sound engineers. Every aspect of the audio we create for you involves us listening. Long before you start talking. Long before we even press record. Listening with intent.

Is this typical of every show that you put out ?

Yes. Whether it's a four or eight minute segment in a location based podcast concentrating on a town or village, or at an event, we try our best to bring the listener to you, rather than deliver a show to a listener.

It's the exact opposite way of working than any other podcast company in the UK, and that's one of the reasons we have the ability to keep listeners attentive.

We do not take the listener experience for granted. And you will see, from the storyboard forms that we use religiously when planning a show that it's attention to detail that counts.

Walking around a location with a hugely expensive and sensitive microphone and field recorder, recording your environment. That could be your busy kitchen, your front of house, the chatter of happy customers eating in your restaurant or the sound of pillar drills and lathes on the floor of your workshop, it's all attention to the smallest detail. And it's more than our human attention to detail.

Introducing Lydia

Lydia is our secret weapon when we are developing podcast content with customers. Developed on top of Alphacode, and harnessing over eight billion unique datapoints from twelve years of our own unique metadata. Lydia allows us to pivot at speed using combinations of keyword and onsite in person collated data, and using context inputs to build the framework for cast content.

We are entirely unique, globally, at this time in having our own engine that can utilise those 8 billion plus parameters and the power of Deepmind to continually learn and to finesse our output.

That enables us, before we press record, to understand where we market and push your content, show length and depth, and also topic and keyword concentration.

Generative AI is here to stay, what makes us utterly unique is that our data is at the heart of our decision making, and repeat attempts by competitors and other organisations in the AI / LLM space to acquire or partner have led to rejection.

No other podcast house in the UK or overseas thought about doing this properly, but in July 2022 the decisions that now enable us to be able to maximise customer opportunities saw to it that Lydia was born.

Lydia is the patron saint of listeners. Amazon have Alexa, We have Lydia.

But alongside Lydia, we have you and your environment

The key differences in our delivery is very much that the location and the atmosphere of the company or organisation we are working with is one of the most important actors in the production. Often we will record over an hour of audio exclusive of spoken content that is then mastered and used as background audio within an eight minute segment.

Imagine the challenge. Imagine you are describing your business, your service offerings or your environment to a person of limited or total loss of sight. Close your eyes and think about how you engage with that person to allow them to savour, experience and really feel at home with your message and your products.

A listener cannot see your location, we do not take photos or produce associated web content, we hope you already have a website, Facebook or Instagram presence, X account where we can point listeners. But most importantly we do what a press advert, editorial, print ad or short radio ad cannot do. We bring that listener into your business with the aim of making them into a customer.

Why is Voxiferi so different ?

Whilst our approach is unusual, whilst our methodologies seem somewhat arcane and different to a podcast studio with two microphones and a script, what we do works. And it works really efficiently and delivers a classy traditional radio, outside broadcast quality experience to the listener that shows you in the best available light.

During lockdown we even went out and bought a radio van. And then our insurers, once it was built, refused to insure it. It was deemed a Covid risk. And they were probably right, so evolution has now determined we work smarter. We have had to evolve post pandemic to think about our bio security and also those we work with. Go read our Covid-19 guidance when you finish reading this page. You will find the link at the bottom of the website.

Hence why we ask you to use the provided alcohol handgel before you handle a microphone, or why you notice we will change a mic foam shield to protect you as well as to protect us. We clean and sanitise any equipment that we / you touch as well as following industry standards to minimise all applicable in person risks.

Good show content really matters

We want people to talk about what we release, to share it via social media, to talk about with friends and to get in their cars or on public transport and come and see you. To see for themselves what they heard through their earbuds.

Delivering value means going the extra mile, it's part of what we do.

We choose to be different, because organisations choose us with their reputations and their trading ambition.

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