We also offer consulting services

Additionally to podcasting, we also offer contract capability in the tech space, specifically in Cloud and AI.

Dick is one of the most well known infosec consultants in the United Kingdom, founder and co-author of Smoothwall, used by millions of users every day globally across government and industry. And co-author and founder of pfSense which secures almost 10% of all internet traffic on the planet daily.

Additionally Dick headed up Cloud Security for global players Red Hat for a decade working across all of their cloud providers. He is the presenter and broadcaster of the Cloud Evangelist Podcast and the Locked Down security podcast with millions of listeners across the globe since 2012.

Dick is also former Global Chief Techology Officer at Gartner Group, CTO at Falanx Cyber Technologies and Head of Security at VirginMedia Group. He most recently designed and wrote the Hybrid Cloud training courses and security courses for the UK's largest IT training organisation tailored for the needs of architects and developers looking to embrace containers and automation across cloud providers.

Cloud Security Alliance

In 2010 Dick became involved with the then fledgling Cloud Security Alliance and served on the board there until 2018 as a director. He has spoken for the CSA at events across the globe as well as working with companies, partners and governments for the CSA.

AI and LLM specialisations

In 2020 pre the pandemic, Dick pivoted to become involved with AI and data science and has been advising and working with companies adopting and shaping AI and LLM models.

Consulting rates

We offer daily and weekly consulting rates and are able to work remotely or on site with organisations.

Please contact us using the contact page for more information.

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