Who or What is Voxiferi ?

Voxiferi takes its influence from two things, the word vociferous and the cartoon works encapsulated by the amazing artwork and inspirational riotous joy brought to the world in the Asterix comic strips. And if you don't know what they are then follow the link.

Because if you can be different, you bloody well should

We have one aim. To be noisy, to be heard, to be disruptive

Voxiferi were founded as a technology company in the South West of the United Kingdom to achieve one goal.

To allow small, medium sized and emerging companies with ambition to harness podcasting, but with broadcast quality ambition.

Finding our feet in 2012 we commenced our journey in North America for one of the world's leading technology companies, Red Hat based in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Creating content for their marketing needs talking to some of the world's foremost tech folk in countries across the globe, interviews, panels, breakfast shows from San Francisco, even recording in The Roosevelt Room in the White House in Washington DC.

From that emerged shows such as Locked Down talking security and technology even recording in BBC Broadcasting House.

Many other shows and events have featured our microphones and have included topics as disparate as mental health to law and technology and every other topic in between.

The challenge of recording live from New York City, under the blinking LEDs of Time Square to an audience of 445,000 listeners wasn't even a task too scary.

No matter the audio challenge we seem to always find a way of delivering the goods.

Alas, unlike Asterix we have no magic potion. We simply have magic microphones, bags of talent and pluck and we listen intently to where you want to go, and then we put every aspiration and experience we have to create a roadmap to partner with you to surpass those goals.

Hopefully on that road, you become a long term repeat customer and part of our continued success, as much as we are part of yours.

Voxiferi as a trading vehicle and the trademark is wholly owned in joint share by Dick Morrell, Christopher Morrell and William Morrell (aka Morrell & Sons Creative Media - Bath UK)

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