Launching August 2024 we are a broadcast first creation studio specialising since 2012 I creating audio that inspires and educates in equal measure. With over 68.1m listens to our shows, and content created in locations globally we have proved ourselves to be focused on creating boutique quality audio.

Tina and Dick, a team since 1981, are now hiring to add to their roll call (see our hiring pack in the Download section). Growing at speed to build strength in depth across the UK.

Read more in this informative overview that we hope introduces you in more detail to our values, our capabilities and our vision.

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Solid Foundations

Founded in 2024 after many years of being on the road, globally, recording with major brands and corporations, Voxiferi is built on solid business foundations. Created by two people who have been each others shadow since 1981

More than forty years plus of being a unit focused on innovation and technology.

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It's Dick Morrell

Recording with us

We have a defined way of working that really does deliver a fantastic recording experience, and even better listener audio.

Here is how working with us looks like in easy to follow steps, go have a read...

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The Voxiferi Process

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We have worked with some of the leading brands on the planet to put their folk in front of a microphone and then on air to a global audience. Getting their message across and to educate, inform and sometimes entertain in the process.

We would love to add your company brand to those who have already worked with us.

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Conference Casts

Event Podcasting

We have podcast from 33 conferences all over the globe from Portland to San Francisco, Los Angeles to Boston, Helsinki to Amsterdam, Frankfurt and Dortmund to Madrid and all points in between.

Offering your exhibitors the chance to be on a show podcast increases their opportunities to engage long past show tear down.

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SME, Microbusiness

VoxInnovate is here

Announcing VoxInnovate, championing startup and pop-up businesses across the United Kingdom. Read about working with us today on our "not-for-profit" radio show that is designed to accelerate awareness of your work.

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Sounds Delicious

We love our food...

Launching Summer 2024, Sounds Delicious, our in-region monthly podcast talking to the best eateries in your area. The inspiration behind the kitchen, a focus on the dining experience. With special offer discount codes for our listeners.

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