Experience in Depth

experience in depth

Since 2012 we have put microphones in front of people from some of the biggest FTSE 100 and GM 100 companies on the planet. We have travelled globally recording everywhere from The Arctic Circle to The White House in DC, from San Francisco to Amsterdam

From Barcelona to Geneva, from the news room at BBC Broadcasting House in London, then recording live on air from Time Square in the heart of New York City. We have interviewed GCHQ, even appearing for the US National Security Agency talking security and technology !

We have earnt our chops. Whether it's local or global, Voxiferi have it covered


We aren't a podcaster...

We are a national broadcast brand, in a podcast market that is saturated with confused, often badly thought out podcasts.

So many shows are launched with little thought and little focus on longterm content creation. And they provide entertainment to niche audiences. And there is nothing wrong with that, it's just not sustainable longterm.

We don't need Patreon to survive and thrive. There are no advertising brokers or agencies demanding dodgy server data, we reinvented what it means to do this properly.

Thirteen years experience, travelling the globe with a microphone and a laptop paid dividends. Now let us show you how and why we do this.

Want a Job ?

Come work with us

We are launching the first twenty regional podcasts in the UK under the Voxiferi umbrella during Spring / Summer 2024, and this will grow to fifty regions by year end.

We need at least fifteen or more, home based, remote, independent talented podcasters / salesfolk or former journalists who want the opportunity, in an uncertain market, to bank some sustainable income longterm as part of our brand. And we want you for the long haul.

You will be trained and receive weekly payments by BACS with incentives and bonuses available to proactive self starters. Pro rata rates start at £30 per hour, with no cap. More you work more you bill. For more information please use the Contact Form.


Wanted, as a matter of urgency, someone, anywhere in the UK, with good Linux desktop and Audacity experience and a sense of good content balance. On a self employed basis with rates entirely negotiable. Will require someone who is a self starter who will be the backbone of the business and make it their own. Good Wordpress skills would be a massive boost (CSS geek not a script kiddie). We will even promise not to judge you if you run KDE.

We are an entirely Linux based company - and that isn't open to negotiation or change :)

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