New Podcasts Coming Soon

Launching in Spring / Summer 2024 we are releasing a whole host of new regional podcasts under our business development umbrella. The initial twenty regional weekly four part radio shows talk to companies in regions across Great Britain in every customer facing business vertical with another thirty regions coming online by the autumn making a total of fifty areas of the UK with total journalistic coverage under the Voxiferi brand.

This officially makes Voxiferi the most regional podcaster in the United Kingdom concentrating on getting stories out that matter from companies, innovators and making a real difference.

Louise, Tracey or Dick can help you with more information. For now regional pricing for show segments and advertising are already listed on the store you will find at the bottom of the website. Price is per segment, per show and each show is made up of four ten minute segments plus advertising at the head and tail of each show.

Predictable and reliable pricing to allow customers to reach a global listenerbase on a cost effective predictable basis.

For more info email or use the Contact Page

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